Conference Schedule

Our participants will enjoy 2 days of engaging sessions, fun, interactive experiences, and intentional connection.

October 8th
Ladies' Night Out!

Sunday evening, 5 pm - 9 pm

Registration and Opening Reception

with Live Music, Food, Bar, Vendors, Interactive Experiences

Location: Cityview

Hosted by The She Said Project and DISH Passionate Cuisine

October 9th
Speakers & Sessions

Monday all day

7:30 am: Registration Opens

8 am - 9 am Breakfast

9 am - 10 am: Opening Keynote Speaker

10:30 am - 4:00 pm: Personal and Professional Development Sessions and Lunch

5 pm - 7 pm: Conversation Circles & Dinner

7:30 pm: Mainstage Performance of "That's What She Said"

9:30 pm: Dessert Reception

Location: The Virginia Theatre and Hyatt Place Downtown
Meals Sponsored by: Commerce Bank, U of I Theatre Dept. &

U of I Community Credit Union

Sunday, October 8th

Ladies' Night Out

Join us Sunday evening, October 8th, for our opening reception, sponsored by DISH Passionate Cuisine, where the excitement begins! As we kick off this transformative event with live music, delectable food and drinks, a vibrant bar, and engaging interactive experiences, we invite you to join us. The atmosphere will be charged with anticipation and camaraderie, setting the stage for an unforgettable conference dedicated to empowering women and amplifying their voices.

You won't want to miss out on this night full of inspiration, celebration, and meaningful connections. We also anticipate to be joined by over 40 vendors made up of local businesses who are supporting our mission.

This event promises to be a dynamic fusion of inspiration, celebration, and meaningful connections, making it the perfect occasion for your esteemed business to showcase its offerings and engage with a diverse audience of empowered women.

Monday, October 9th

Speakers, Sessions, & Show

Unlock your full potential and seize the opportunity to be part of an action-packed day on Monday, October 9th, at The Power of Storytelling Conference.

The day begins with breakfast and an empowering Opening Keynote Speech on "Storytelling for Leadership," by our special guest, Vicki Clark.

Then prepare for an immersive experience as you dive into engaging and educational workshops led by experts in personal and professional development. Our conference offers several distinct training tracks, allowing you to customize your experience and focus on the areas that align with your goals and aspirations.

If you have been seriously thinking about diving deeper into your own personal story, then you will want to check out the Memoir Writing Intensive, offered by Burning Soul Press.

For those seeking even deeper connections and knowledge, opt-in for our Conversation Circles alongside dinner—a valuable bonus add-on where you'll have the chance to learn how to make your personal story come to life and work for you.

As the sun sets on this action-packed day, we invite you to be inspired at our live main stage performance. This heartwarming culmination of storytelling will leave you motivated and empowered, ready to embark on your own journey of growth and achievement.

Don't Miss Out

The Power of Storytelling Conference is an opportunity you simply can't afford to miss. Secure your ticket now and immerse yourself in a world of inspiration, learning, and connections. Join us for this transformative event, where you'll discover the strength of your own narrative, forge meaningful connections, and empower yourself to drive positive change both personally and professionally. Let the power of storytelling guide you on a journey of self-discovery and celebration of the incredible impact of women's voices.

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