The Power of Storytelling Conference

Celebrating 10 years of That's What She Said, The She Said Project invites you to join us as we continue to grow and amplify women's voices.

Our mission continues with our first ever women's conference in downtown Champaign! And we want YOU to be a part of it!

Join Us For Our Inaugural Conference

October 8th-9th, 2023 in Downtown Champaign IL

Our Mission

The Mission is Simple: Exchanging Stories.

But the results are extraordinary.

Get excited for an unprecedented event where the power of women's voices will reach new heights, as we unite to celebrate how far we have come & look towards the future. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey together, marking a historic moment as we amplify and celebrate women like never before at the highly anticipated

Power Of Storytelling Women's Conference.

We can't wait to share this remarkable experience with you. Discover the boundless power of storytelling and community. Together, let's ignite change and shape a future where women's voices are elevated for all to hear.

Join Us at the Unforgettable Power Of Storytelling Conference!

Join us at the Power Of Storytelling Conference along with over 200 other anticipated guests!

As a participant, you'll be invited to join us for two extraordinary days filled with empowerment, connections, & thought-provoking workshops for personal and professional growth.

Once registered, you will select your personal Training Track, to get the most out of the conference.

Been thinking about sharing your personal story? Sign up for the Memoir Writing intensive.

Want more? Select a themed dinner discussion to continue the empowerment!

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

Mainstage Event:

“That’s What She Said”

onstage at The Historic Virginia Theatre

Featuring 8 women who presented their stories in each of the 8 communities that have featured TWSS shows in 2023

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is That's What She Said?

We are a nation-wide theatrical movement aimed at empowering women, building community, and giving a voice to stories that need to be told. Our events are live, one night performances that feature 8-10 local women who share a personal story from their lives. We have built a beautiful community of thousands of women on our social media and at our live events over the last decade. We continue to grow and bring That's What She Said to more communities every year!

Who is The Power of Storytelling Conference for?

So many women get inspired by the stories they hear on the She Said stage and wonder how they can get involved, do some self discovery, and learn from the She Said team. The conference is a way for us to connect with even more women, create safe spaces for women to learn and explore and raise them up with the power of their own stories.

What can I expect at The Power of Storytelling Conference?

We are bringing together thought leaders and change makers to inspire and share their own experiences of how storytelling has affected them, both personally and professionally. You will find engaging speakers & presenters, interactive sessions, delicious meals, fellowship, shopping, networking and more!

Have More Questions?

Got a question, feedback, or suggestion? Let us know! We love hearing from you & finding new ways to connect as we continue to grow and tell more women's stories.

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